1. Dry roast these spices in a pan/kadai/wok.

2. Roast till they are light brown in color and leave their aroma.

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  • 3. Once roasted, take them out in a plate and let them cool off completely.

    4. Now, grind them to a coarse powder.

    Serving options of KADAI PANEER

    There are a variety of options to serve Kadai Paneer. It is served best with Indian breads. You can choose the following options given below to enjoy this dish.

    Rice – Yes, many people like to enjoy this kadai paneer dish with plain rice too. For that the kadai paneer gravy has to be more liquidish. Well, its a matter of preference and you can definitely have it with the bread of your choice too!

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    Styles of KADAI PANEER

    Kadai Paneer can be made, mainly in two ways.

    1. Thick gravy – This is how it is widely made in India. (well, even we like it this way) The gravy is thick and the cubed pieces of Paneer (cottage cheese), capsicum (green bell pepper) and Onion are totally in unison with the gravy. The specialty of this type of Kadai paneer is that you get to enjoy the veggies in their true color and taste, coated so nicely with the deep and rich gravy.
    2. Thin gravy – This is less popular style. The gravy is somewhat runny and less creamy in texture. This is mostly made when people want to have rice with the kadai paneer and well, that too is very rare.

    Recipe Video of Kadai Paneer

    Important Points


    For sauteing Veggies

    For gravy


    1. Roast the Kadai Masala till aromatic and cool and grind it coarsely, mentioned as above.

    2. To saute vegetable and paneer, take 1 tbsp oil in a pan and heat it.

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  • 3. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder (haldi), 1 tsp red chilli powder , salt and 1 tsp kasuri methi.

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  • 4. Roast the spices for 5 sec and add paneer cubes.

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  • 5. Saute paneer for 15 sec and let the spices coat the paneer cubes nicely. Take it out in a plate and keep aside.

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  • 6. Now in the same pan, put diced capsicum and onions. Saute well for about 30 sec. Take them out and keep aside.

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  • 7. Take 1 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp butter in a pan. Heat. Add cumin seeds (jeera) and cook till it crackles.

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  • 8. Add chopped onion, grated ginger and garlic. Cook till golden brown.

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  • 9. Add tomato puree.

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  • 10. Add turmeric powder (haldi), red chilli powder and salt.

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    11. Mix and cook until the masala leaves the sides of the pan. (about 5-7 min)

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  • 12. Add 2 tbsp gram flour (besan). Cook well for about 2-3 min with the onion, tomato and spices.

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  • 13. Add 1 tbsp kadai masala, that we made earlier. You can use more, if you want it very spicy.

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  • 14. Add water to make gravy. Mix well and let it come to a boil. Simmer for about 4-5 min.

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  • 15. Add sauteed capsicum, onion and paneer cubes. Cover and cook for about 5 min.

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  • 16. Add 1 tbsp cream and mix well. Adjust the consistency of the gravy and salt as per your preference.

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  • 17. Finally, add kasuri methi (dry fenigreek leaves) and serve hot.

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